Exclusive! Third Eye Blind – “Ursa Minor” album download [Promo]

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A completely new album download leak has arrived: “Third Eye Blind Ursa Minor”, download through ConnerNetwork.com’s Mediafire.com, Megaupload.com in addition to Rapidshare.com links. It’s the entire MP3 album, together with the album artwork added. Tracklist, Zip, Rar together with download links can be found towards the bottom of this article. We even provided the first preview which we found. This should be a good surprise for any Third Eye Blind music fan, in particular for those who have eagerly waited for the “Ursa Minor” album promo.
Third Eye Blind - Ursa Minor


Six minutes into the beginning of Ursa Minor an epic music which specifically demonstrates the more elaborate in addition to melodic side of melody writing. Third Eye Blind finally can turn loose a touch on this track. Logging an array of instrumental showcases each album musician, the actual vocals expresses are amazing.An emotional journey begins to take shape over the album, much more tasteful tunes, stirring yet again on setting the rhythm.

Mediafire, Megaupload & Rapidshare link options:

Tunes provides honest admissions lyrically and also a dominant production section of which keeps building on the climatic arc of the album. Your focus still securely in place. And I think the leaked out Mediafire MP3 type contains a high-quality bitrate to it, making amazing sound.

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